YOGA & MINDFULNESS RETREAT FOR MOTHERS: Tending to Ourselves & Caring For Each Other


"Jackie's warmth, openness and compassion and her ability to help me feel more calm, relaxed and grounded has had such an impact on my life. Jackie listened deeply, and I was able to listen more deeply, too." - Katherine Mitchell, mother & grandmother

"When I take Jackie's class, it's as though she gives me a gift that I take inside of me wherever I go." - Alison Lemons, mother

Come celebrate being a mother, and connect with other mindful yoga moms in the area. During this day, our intention will be to tend to ourselves as we create a community of support, steeped in an atmosphere of authenticity, kindness and care. Our time together will include yoga, meditation, self-reflection, open-hearted sharing, music, and songs about motherhood. We will engage in practices to help us reconnect with ourselves support one another on the incredibly meaningful journey of motherhood. If you are a mom who enjoys yoga, music, connecting with other women, and diving deeply into the river of creativity & wisdom within, then please consider attending this nourishing retreat. (This retreat is for moms with children of all ages, ranging from infants & toddlers to teens & adult children.)

PLEASE NOTE: If there is enough interest, I would like to offer a 3-hour yoga workshop for mothers on a monthly basis, so please let me know if you would like to be a part of an ongoing group of mothers interested in yoga, mindfulness, music and deepening community.

Half Moon Bay, CA

Saturday, November 12, 2011 ~ 9:00am to 4:00pm

Jackie Long

Jackie Long, E-RYT is an experienced registered yoga teacher, with over 14 years of experience in the practice and application of yoga and meditation. She offers workshops and retreats locally in California and internationally. In 1999, she lived in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand for a few months, practicing Insight Meditation with her teachers, senior monks, Ajahn Nayanarato and Tan Ajahn Gavesako. Her teachers also include Swami Vimalananda (Integral Yoga), Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga), Judith Lasater (Restorative Yoga), John Firman and Ann Gila (Transpersonal Psychology). With a Neuropsychology degree from Princeton University and a Counseling Psychology degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Jackie bridges East-West wisdom seamlessly in each of her yoga classes.

Jackie is also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and offers counseling psychology in her private practice in Los Altos. She considers it a great honor to support people on their path of relating to themselves and others more authentically.

$150 Per Person (includes catered lunch)

To register, please contact Jackie Long at jackie@yogawithlove.com