What People Have to Say about Jackie Long

“Jackie has brought us gentleness, compassion, love and kindness into a difficult world. She is showing us an alternative path, one that is beneficial to our heart, our health and our spirit.”
Christine Clark

“Jackie is a true healer and teaches from the heart with warmth and light.”
Gale Henshel

“Jackie’s warmth, openness and compassion and her ability to help me feel more calm, relaxed and grounded had such an impact on my life. The impact extended to my husband and to our daughter. Jackie listened deeply, and I was able to listen more deeply too.”
Katherine Mitchell

"I feel like a new person every time I come to her class - I feel calmed, invigorated, inspired, centered. Thank you so much for the amazing gift of your class Jackie."
- Leslie Barber, creator of The Belly Bar

"Jackie has a wisdom well beyond her years... She brings a positive perspective of what it means to be alive - physically, spiritually, and emotionally... She brings in a theme each week that is provocative and thoughtful. It comes so much from who she is and the way she lives her life...it comes from her heart and her tenderness toward others."
Terry Stein

"Jackie has a tremendous ability to touch hearts...to work with people of all different ages."
Arlene Kansora

“I was in a state of life transition, and Jackie really gave me the tools to find peace with the process rather than need answers to these incredibly large questions. She really helped me to allow the process within to unfold…She's helped me to find peace and physical strength during this time of pregnancy and post-pregnancy."
- Felicia

"Jackie is a natural healer. She blends the knowledge she has from her background in psychology with yoga and Buddhism. Jackie is true to what yoga is as opposed to the commercialized version of it. Jackie is amazing and more people should know about her.”

“Jackie is a real role model. Her poised, calming presence, her kind consideration for her students’ emotional and physical well-being, the way she embodies teaching as the ultimate service all inspire me.”

“I bring my 2 year old grandchild to Jackie’s infant class in the park. It is great – we love it. Jackie is wonderful with children.”
- Tita

"You walk away from Jackie’s class and you really incorporate the lesson of the class and it really transforms the way you interact with your family...and in this case my child."

“When I leave Jackie’s class I feel as if someone just gave me a shot of vitamin B12. Her approach to Yoga is very intuitive and considerate with people and their bodies.”
Christine Clark

“When I take Jackie’s class, it’s as though she gives me a gift that goes inside of me that I take with me wherever I go.”
Alison Lemons

“During a challenging time in my life, I found it difficult to talk with close friends about what was happening, but from the start, it is was easy to share with Jackie. She listened, she cared deeply about me, she spread loving-kindness around me with a lavish brush.”
Katherine Mitchell

“There is a true feeling that Jackie really cares about you and cares about your practice. She’s made it possible for me to learn how to let go and how to accept and I think those are two life skills you can’t do without…”
Carol Gilbert

“I am deeply touched and inspired by the beauty of each of Jackie’s classes. Each one of them is so poetic, so meaningful, and so seamless! I love how she interweaves a theme into each class (for example: gratitude, compassion, or balance). I also love the imagery of love and light that permeates her guided relaxation.”

“I began taking yoga with Jackie about seven years ago, and from the beginning looked forward to the weekly classes as a time of relaxation – an oasis of calm in my often hectic and pressure-filled life. I feel so blessed to be in the competent and loving hands of such a gifted teacher.”
Katherine Mitchell

"Jackie helps each of us honor our own bodies and accept what we can and cannot do.
"Her classes remind me of everything I've learned about life, but I forget.
"Jackie helps me to be ok with my life. Sometimes I get out of balance. That kindness and spirituality she offers always helps me bring myself back to where I should be and helps me be in good health."

"Jackie creates a non-competitive atmosphere. She always gives options. She not only allows, but truly encourages people to do what's right for them. Jackie's classes are like re-charging my battery."
Terry Stein

“Jackie’s style is totally forgiving. She offers lots of options so you can practice in a more gentle style or go for it in the more challenging options… And I’ve never had an instructor with a voice as soothing as hers…I think a lot of her students come to love her - not just value her as a teacher, but respond to her on a personal level.”
Carol Gilbert

“I like Jackie’s multidimensionality. She not only stretches my body, she stretches my mind with her readings and thoughts and wisdom. She asks me to think about the world and if there’s somebody out there who needs love.”
Alison Lemons

“I continue to be grateful that I was so fortunate in experiencing yoga, loving-kindness, and Jackie’s healing touch as I reached out to reconnect with the daughter I love.”
Katherine Mitchell

“Jackie is a gifted, powerful teacher. She understands human nature. She imparts wisdom in a humble way and has consistently helps me to relax, deal with stress, and develop metta (or lovingkindness) for the world. This is a gift not only to her students who are fortunate enough to attend her classes but it is one that keeps on giving outside the classroom as our positive energy goes forward.”
Cheryl Kendall

“Jackie encourages us to come from a very genuine place with our movements and our thoughts and our prayers and to be compassionate, humble and grateful.”

“Since I have taken classes with Jackie, I have a greater sense of well-being, I have improved my balance, and have learned to respond to stress in a more relaxed and healthy manner. My attitude is more positive in my personal and professional life, my family has noticed a big difference.”
Marsha Alper

“Jackie’s teaching brings out the light in people, and we would have a better world if everyone attended her classes!”
Karen Bertrand

“Jackie is clearly doing her part to make this world a better place. ”
Cheryl Kendall

“Jackie Long is a tremendous, untapped resource.”
Janice Parsons, CEO, The Bead Shop

“I’ve been practicing yoga for over 25 years and I’ve had numerous teachers and a variety of training of the years. Jackie is one of the finest teachers I’ve come across. Her lovkingkindness workshops have been very beneficial for me in my own life – helping me to make shifts in my relationships with my loved ones…”
Art Wilbrand


“You gave all of us a trip that will etched in our memories for a lifetime. All the planning – all the details you put into the experience made it rich and unforgettable. I thank you for the unselfish giving of yourself to make this trip be unforgettable and also a huge transformation.”
Arlene Kansora