Why Attend A Family Yoga Retreat?

A family yoga retreat encourages families to travel to beautiful, pristine locations for some quality time together. A family yoga retreat also helps reduce the amount of stress and time pressure on parents. When parents are less stressed, more relaxed and at ease, they are able to be more present with each other and with their children.  They are more available to truly listen to one another and their children more wholeheartedly. Nothing brings family members closer together than being fully present and attuned with one another for an extended period of time in a relaxed manner. The family yoga practice offered each morning is designed to help participants forge a strong community within the family. We encourage our participants to explore family poses that are collaborative and interactive, calling for the family members to work together as a team. These poses are great fun! Many families, we have found, rarely take time to play together…so the playful nature of family yoga practice is a healing mechanism. Furthermore, when family members work together toward a common goal in this way, solidarity is fortified and the sense of familial closeness is renewed.

What new information or experiences will families leave with?

In addition to learning fun family yoga postures and helpful meditation practices, parents leave our family retreats with transformative experiences and insights. Parents often discover creative solutions to habitual problems… solutions that spring from watching other families interact and noticing how other families deal with similar difficulties. Thoughts, ideas, and creative solutions are shared on a family yoga retreat. This flow of information can help families gain insights, which can help family members begin to navigate new, more functional ways of being together.

Our hope is also that parents leave with the experience of cultivating a deeper connection with their children. Almost all of the exercises we offer throughout our family retreats have this goal in mind. Our retreats are crafted to help melt overly rigid barriers between parents and children so they can begin to relate at a more human level. The morning family yoga class encourages parents to get down on their hands and knees with their kids to interact and play with them. They literally come down to the children’s level and engage in dynamic, interactive poses. As families connect in a more physical manner (which can be incredibly helpful for both children and parents who are less verbal) there is a sense of teamwork, collaboration and mutual creativity. The playful, spontaneous nature of these poses helps melt barriers of authority and rigid control, and allows for heart to heart connections.

What ages are welcome?

            Children and adults of all ages and all levels of yoga experience (even beginners) are welcome and encouraged. We provide developmentally appropriate activities for infants, toddlers, young children, older children, teens, adults, and grandparents alike! No age group is left out, and all members of the family are encouraged to attend our retreats.

Final Words from the Retreat Facilitators:

Krassi Davis, Amanda Basler, and Jackie Long create a nurturing and nourishing space for the families who attend our retreats…a space where family members can relax with a sense of safety and ease…a space where participants can be seen, heard, and held by the community that we establish together. More than just practicing yoga, the family yoga retreats that Krassi, Amanda and Jackie design are psycho-educational, creative, interactive, thought-provoking and truly transformative. We hope you will consider bringing your family to one of our retreats this year!